What is PGproperty?

PGproperty is the next generation real estate marketplace.
PGcoin (PGC) is the blockchain utility token for PGproperty. it enables a scalable infrastructure to all key stakeholders in PGproperty ecosystem.

Homeowners and Agents benefit from:
Free property listing
Easy access to buyers and renters
24/7 Customer support

Buyers and Renters benefit from:
One-stop-shop property portal
Transparent and efficient deal closing process
24/7 customer support
Smart tools and property buying guides

Third party benefit from:
Access to real estate stakeholders
Qualified leads
Branding and promotion

Big data and real estate markets insight

PGcoin (PGC)

88,000,000 PGC (ERC20)- Onchain Supply

70,000,000 PGC (ERC20)- Burned on 26th October 2021 (https://etherscan.io/token/0x41c63bf8fe81709aa6c4795eab85e41fd067bf26?a=0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead)

18,000,000 PGC (ERC20) -Total Supply

88,000,000 PGC (BEP20)- Total Supply





May 2020

PGproperty - Technical Development

Sep 2022

PGproperty - Web3 Research and Development

Jun 2023

PGproperty - AI Research & Development

Apr 2024

PGproperty - Singapore Partnerships and Integrations

Jun 2024

PGproperty - Dubai Partnerships and Integrations

Aug 2024

PGproperty - Hong Kong Integrations & Partnerships

Dec 2024

PGproperty - Global Integrations & Partnerships


The transfer of PGC token to your e-wallet is immediate upon receiving your payment

To purchase PGC token, you need to sign up and pass the KYC + AML process. Purchaser agree to the terms of service, terms of token sale and token sale policy automatically as soon as PGC token is purchased

You may track your PGC token in your Crypto Wallet or Trust Wallet, upon receiving them

You may use PGC token at www.PGproperty.tech to exchange for products/services Or trade for other cryptocurrencies in PGC listed Crypto Exchange/s

We accept USDT, BTC, ETH, Cash, Bank transfer and Credit Card payment for PGC token purchase

You can keep your PGC token in every wallet, which is ERC-20/BEP20 compatible and supports the PGC token

18,000,000 PGC- ERC20 and 88,000,000 PGC- BEP20


Yes. All PGC token purchased are Non-refundable

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